Ave Maria


Where Body, Blood and Justice are Served

A man awakens to find himself naked and tied to a chair deep in a haunted New England wood. He is surrounded by masked women and their congregation who are preparing an ancient yet familiar ritual as they listen to the strains of Alessandro Moreschi's "Ave Maria" playing on an old Victrola. In a sacrifice for past crimes, body, blood and justice are served.

Ave Maria won the Premio Del Pubblico, or Audience Award at the 2013 Interiora Horror Festival in Rome Italy! 


The strains of Ave Maria bellow from an antique phonograph as an antique device that would make the "Saw" producers cringe a little is used for the singular purpose it was designed for.  

9 out of 10!

Starring Aurora Grabill and David Graziano

With Izzy Lee, Diana Porter and Jami Tennille

Director of Photography Nolan Yee

Produced by:   Stacy Buchannan   William DeCoff
                         Emily King    Izzy Lee    Skip Shea
                             William Smyth      Nolan Yee 


Written and Directed by Skip Shea